BoMoSi | Press Release

September 24, 2017

BoMoSi | Press Release

Bomosi - Own your style!Bangalore, India (24 Sep 2017) – BoMoSi (, a reputed fashion collections retailer of authentic and high-quality fashion jewelry sets, men’s and women’s shoes, and watches, launched its e-commerce website today to provide online consumers with a wholesome and enjoyable fashion shopping experience. 

The new website provides a really straightforward shopping process with a user-friendly interface, which allows consumers to browse, select, checkout, and purchase an item with just a few clicks. Moreover, BoMoSi offers transparency throughout the entire process with the help of a few tools. Such measures make it relatively easy for online shoppers to look for the perfect piece of fashion items that can complement their style while in the comforts of their homes.

“BoMoSi’s goal is to provide online shoppers with authentic, quality products that are friendly to their budget and can express their true identity,” said BoMoSi’s CEO. “In a world where fashion has always been a trend, a lot of people are quite hesitant to show their true self and invest in elegant and premium jewelry simply because they’re taken aback by such hefty prices. We are here to make a difference by offering them premium quality items at the most affordable rates. We are here to make their dreams of being fashionably on point come true”.

About BoMoSi

BoMoSi is a reputed online store that offers authentic, quality, yet affordable jewelry, shoes, and watches for boys, girls, men, and women. The goal of the company is to make everyone’s dreams of wearing premium quality products come true. Through its wide selection of products, shoppers can quickly and easily look for the fashion jewelry set that can match their preferences and their lifestyle. For men who want to look fashionable for all types of occasions, there are men’s pendants, casual and leather shoes, and black watches for men. For women who want to complement their outfit, there are kundan jewellery, beaded bracelets, and charm bracelets for women. These are just some of the many items you can find in our selection. At BoMoSi, we turn your fashion into your own style!