RuNinja on the run - An Addictive Game For iOS

July 19, 2018

RuNinja on the run - An Addictive Game For iOS

RuNinja is a game where the main player, a ninja, runs and jumps over all the spikey obstacles on his way. This is a very interesting game with absolute zero clumsy aspects. This is a game where you have to survive to win.

Adventures on the go

Run, surf, jump!! Basically, keep yourself alive. This is not a game where you can mess about. This involves meeting with pirates, stumbling through spiky forests, attacking zombies, and what not. Brace yourself for some awesome action, which keeps you hooked throughout. A deep, dark Ninjago-like setting provides a prelude for the adventure. The high-tech graphics satisfy the modern gamers, who look for more graphics in the game. RuNinja is sure to provide you with an experience that gets stamped in your mind.

Survival of the fittest

A striking concept of reality is merged into this game. Forget about survival games of PUBG or fortnite. Time, space does not matter; the ability to stay alive matters. One spike can cost you your entire game. Fast-paced and interesting adventures keep you on your track. This is the best run for life that you can ever imagine.

Beware! You are entering an addiction-prone zone

Pacman and Mario are old school addictions. Try this one out, and you’ll be hooked up onto it. Scores, rewards, championships and daily gifts are plenty and they keep you wanting for more. This game is sure to be a modern-day drug for all those gamers out there. The color schemes, the story, and the setting make you come again and again for playing this game. Simple as it sounds, this task is very addictive. Running with hurdles is not an easy task, that too with a tempting storyline.

So what are you waiting for? Download RuNinja and run for your life!

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