NetPicker App - Facebook Video Downloader & Youtube Video Downloader

July 20, 2018

NetPicker App - Facebook Video Downloader & Youtube Video Downloader

NetPicker is a new Android App released by BoMoSi. 

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  • Download YouTube Videos quickly
  • Download Facebook Videos
  • Facebook download app for android
  • Facebook downlodar app for Android

Facebook video Downloader & Youtube Video Downloader App

Download videos and Download MP3 using netPicker. Net picker allows you to download Videos and MP3s from internet to watch and hear offline. netPicker also know as FbToAll can be used as a video downloader for facebook which is the easiest video downloader app to download and save videos from Facebook. The netPicker picker app is an mp3 downloader that allows to download mp3 for android from internet to hear offline.

You can download videos and photos from facebook without exit from facebook screen in the netPicker App. Login and browse through the facebook then press on the Pick Now’ button that will be popup when you watch video. The video will be automatically downloaded to the mobile gallery and share option will be available after download video in android. 

How To Use

  • Search any keyword or type a URL in the home screen of netPicker app
  • Play Video or MP3 after search in the app
  • While watching the video or mp3 a 'Pick Now' popup screen will show and click to download video
  • To play and share video check the list in home screen for all picked items 
  • You can Play video offline, Delete & Share Videos or MP3s 

App for Facebook Video Downloader & Youtube Video Downloader


  • netpicker app is an easily to use video downloader app and mp3 downloader app for android
  • Netpicker is Safe & light weight. It is an alternative solution for video downloader, mp3 downloader as well as Facebook video downloader where you can download facebook videos easily for offline watch. 
  • Netcpiker app allows you to save videos to watch them later.
  • netPicker where also can call FbToAll is helpful for those who are looking for Fb video downloader , MP3 Downloader, Video downloader for facebook. You can save video from facebook with this facebook video downloader app and fb download videos. FbToAll or NetPicker app gives you the answer for the questions like How to download facebook videos, How to download video from facebook ,how to save facebook videos, how to save videos from facebook, how to download a video from facebook etc. The FbToAll also can be used to download fb video

YouTube Video Downloader App

Important Notes

  • This app is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by the Facebook official network. 
  • Youtube Videos Can not be download due to their terms and Conditions and its not youtube video downloads app 
  • All Facebook(tm) logos and trademarks displayed on this app are property of Facebook.
  • Any unauthorized re-uploading or downloading of contents and/or violations of Intellectual property rights is the sole responsibility of the user. 
  • This Video Downloader works with internet only.
  • This app is intended to be used by people aged 13+

Download netPicker :

Facebook Video Downloader App