Learn To Live Your Life Smartly With SENBONO A1 Smartwatch

July 18, 2018

Learn To Live Your Life Smartly With SENBONO A1 Smartwatch

In recent times, the Senbono A1 wristwatch smartwatch has gotten a significant amount of attention from both critics and customers. The Senbono A1 wristwatch smartwatch is a noteworthy Android watch that will take your time experience to a new level. Together with one Micro SIM card slot and Android operating system, this Senbono smartwatch can perform all the functions of a standard smartphone. You can make calls, send messages, use the internet, and so on. Now you won’t have to worry about staying connected with your friends and family even if you are not having your phone with you.


With amazing 1.54-inch TFT LCD display and external memory up to 32GB, the With 0.3 MP camera and MP3 format, this Senbono smartwatch allows you to enjoy media including listening to your favorite music, and capturing videos, and images of your favorite moments. In addition, with Bluetooth 3.0, you can easily enjoy the content using any Android phone and that too without a SIM card. What’s really cool about this smartwatch is that you get to enjoy many health and fitness benefits from it. It also comes with the protection of anti-loss technology to bind phone, so you will never lose this smartwatch and phone.

Benefits of Senbono A1 Wristwatch Smartwatch

Sleep monitoring 

Usually, a person sleeps a few hours less than 7 every night. Lack of proper sleep can lead to some negative effects on your health. With Senbono A1 smartwatch, you can monitor your sleep quality and sleeping patterns. It will allow you to see how many hours of sleep you are getting every night.

Great Travel accessory

This A1 smartwatch can be a great and most convenient companion when you are traveling, especially with its connectivity and media features. It can help you schedule your travel and also keep track of your by health letting you watch-out for your sleeping hours and let you know when to relax during the day. If you are on vacation, you can use it to take pictures and make videos.

Improved connectivity

Use this smartwatch when you are walking, jogging, cycling, or working out in the gym, and you can always stay connected to your home and office. You can receive messages and calls. You can keep this smartwatch with you all through the day and night and also keep track of your athleticism. 

Sedentary reminder

Many medical researchers have revealed that sitting for long hours can be very damaging for your health. In order to negate the effects of an inactive or sedentary lifestyle. The Senbono smartwatch will let you know if you are sitting too long at one place and improve your sedentary existence.

Count your steps and track your BP

With 10,000 steps in a day, you can improve your health to a significant level. This smartwatch has an inbuilt pedometer that can help you keep track of the number of steps you take in a day. Along with that, you can also monitor your pulse rate and blood pressure all through the day.

An Ideal choice for everyone

The best part about this smartwatch is that it is ideal for almost everyone. We offer this watch in 5 categories, for men, women, kids, BP patients, and sports persons. It offers something for everyone. An individual can use it for fashion and utility purposes, parents can use it to keep track of their children’s movements, and elderly people can use it to track their health conditions. We also offer free shipping worldwide. Here is the link to purchase Senbono A1 smartwatch online from the store or you can choose your favorite smart watch from the collection of latest smartwatches